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organizational mistrust and executive coaching

Diamond and Adams (1999) think that some contemporary workers are legitimately distressed over the level of workplace violence and lack of job security. When people are anxious and afraid by the future, they can become aggressive.

People harass others who are seen as more happy and powerful than they (managers, young colleagues, executives). Hence, if this situation continues, a vicious cycle of organizational mistrust and paranoid relationship could be established. Executives and managers must have some mature awareness of them to destroy this infernal cycle.

The role of the clinician consultant is to help the individuals to use the organization as an object of realization without them becoming an object of the organization. Everybody has a desire which organization tries to catch. As a fish, someone can rise to the idealized bait of the organization. If people are more psychologically differentiated with the organization they can choose to change their behaviors in a more constructive direction for them and the organization. Those leaders who want to get the best out of their followers need to create a sense of self-determination in the organization. This fact is possible if the leadership is not concentrate at top level but is spread throughout the organization. If power is less concentrated, fairness, transparency and feeling of community could be more important.

Training could be a transitional position allowing to the executive to understand the need for a self-development. In our practice, we often utilized the manager training to prepared executive to hear unpleasant information without going into defensives manoeuvres. After this period of destabilizing, support and encouragement of the coach allowed the executive to become more consciousness of the link between his/her behaviours and the situation.

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Expert en qualité de vie au travail, leadership et développement organisationnel 

Expert in Quality of Life at Work, Leadership and Organizational Development 

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