samedi 7 mai 2011

Positive Career Development

Career development is one of the best protectors of our wellbeing at work.

Here are few hints to the managers, colleagues, friends or spouses or to anyone who would like to help a friend, colleague...

• Instead of thinking for someone, try to adjust yourself to the kind of help expected: listening, a solution, some information, network…
The stereotypical good willing but completely inefficient step forward would be to help someone with concrete answer when all he/she is asking for is to be listened to. (and vice versa)

• Being sincere and tell the truth about the job market without dramatizing so she/he would be fully aware of the strengths and weaknesses regarding his /her choice of career. More then questioning her/him on the causes of his/her choice, challenge her on the consequences of each choice.

• Help the person focus on her strengths, this is the field she could mostly have control on. It’s the highlight of her strengths that will make the difference. It will also motivate her enough to succeed in what she’s committed to. Would you hire someone without a minimum of passion for his own work?

• Show a genuine interest in all the effort the person is doing to develop her career. In a world of permanent change, it is the journey that counts, not the goal. Encouragement is the necessary fuel to efforts.

• Share your doubts, success and failures, in order to reassure her on the difficulties that lay under a working life. Failure is an experience you get to learn from. Taken as such, it guides our performance.

• Last but not least: there is always wealthier. Whatever the career we choose, the real treasure is when the work we achieve suits our own core values. No need to compare with your neighbor or your brother- in –law’s earning.

Matthieu Poirot

Expert en qualité de vie au travail, leadership et développement organisationnel 

Expert in Quality of Life at Work, Leadership and Organizational Development 

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